Surprises intensify a person's emotions by up to 400 percent. For many people, this is a positive experience. However, for a surprise to be a positive experience, you have to know how to give one effectively.

In this article, we discuss how a surprise gift box can positively impact the people you care about. We provide our top list of customized gift box ideas and examples of custom gifts. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of a surprise gift.


1. Milestone Surprise Gift


Some situations call for a surprise gift just based on tradition. However, there are some milestones that many might deem too small for a gift. These types of occasions are perfect for a surprise gift box.

What Makes These Great

The beautiful thing about these types of occasions is that the recipient won't have any expectations as far as receiving a gift. The gesture will be even more appreciated and personal than an expected milestone. 

Types of Occasions

Some examples of smaller milestones that deserve your best surprise gift box ideas for children and teens are learning to drive, doing well on a difficult test, or completing a long-term art project.

For adults, landing a dream job is a big deal, but not always rightly celebrated. The same can be said for returning home after a long trip. Reasons to celebrate become fewer as we age, so more fun can help keep things lively.

What to Include

One of the great things about surprise gift boxes for smaller milestones is that you can choose custom gifts based on the occasion. For someone who just learned to drive, create a box with a keychain, bumper sticker, and a tire pressure gauge.


2. Bad Day Surprise Gift Box

bad day surprise gift

Hopefully, bad days are few and far between, but we all experience them from time to time. This makes them a great occasion for your best-customized gift box ideas. 

What Makes These Great

Bad days are the worst, by definition. Most people feel sad, frustrated, angry, or a combination of all of these options on these types of days. A surprise gift box can give a person a reason to smile when they're feeling down.

Plus, it's a great way to show someone you care about them. They're perfect for friends, family, or romantic partners. 

Types of Occasions

Some 'bad day' occasions include being let go from their job or reprimanded in front of coworkers. A friend or family member may have also been in a small car accident or dealing with a break-up. 

What to Include

Use your best custom gift ideas for this type of surprise gift box. Look for items that the recipient loves or make them happy. For some people, this may look like an arrangement of coffee products or a set of succulents.


3. 'Thank You' Gift Box

Putting together a 'thank you' gift box is one of the best ways to show someone you appreciate them or something they've done for you. These are a far more meaningful way to say, "thank you."

What Makes Them Great

Since there are so many reasons to thank someone, these are often completely unexpected. They are appropriate in both a personal and professional capacity.

Types of Occasions

An employer may create a surprise gift box for an employee who's been working hard for their company. A friend may want to thank another friend for helping them move into a new home. 

What to Include

A thoughtful thank you card should be one of the first inclusions in this surprise gift box. Then, you can get creative and have fun with it.

While including a few of the recipient's favorite things (candy, beverages, etc.) should be a given, you could also include a one-day off coupon or an "IOU one day of moving" coupon.


4. Romance Surprise Gift Box

Romance Surprise Gift Box

Keeping the romance alive is essential in any serious relationship. It's important to make your partner feel important and loved. Surprise custom gifts are a great way to achieve that.

What Makes Them Great

Unlike occasions such as valentines day, anniversaries, or birthdays, a surprise gift box is free of obligation. This often makes them much more appreciated and special to the recipient. It's a great way to say, "I love you and was thinking of you."

Types of Occasions

There's never a wrong time to give your partner a surprise gift unless they strongly dislike surprise gifts. However, they may be even more appreciated after an argument or even when things are especially great between you and your partner.

What to Include

You can take this kind of gift box in one of several directions. Sometimes, just picking out some of your loved one's favorite things (whether inherently romantic items or not) is a romantic gesture in and of itself.

In other situations, you can use your best romantic surprise gift box ideas to spice things up. Some examples include flowers (for a man or a woman), wine or sparkling cider, candles, and/or scented massage oil. 


5. Friendship Custom Gifts

Developing friendship should come without any strings attached. However, that doesn't mean it's not important to make your friends feel appreciated from time to time.

What Makes Them Great

These types of gift boxes are almost never expected. In fact, this kind of gift-giving is a very undervalued practice. Most people enjoy feeling appreciated and valued, so this is a great excuse to show them that.

Types of Occasions

A friendship custom gift box is a wonderful option whether you're feeling emotional distance in your relationship or you've never been closer. Maybe a friend helped you through a hard time and you want to show them how much it meant to you.

What to Include

You don't need to get too fancy with this type of surprise gift box, so keep them simple. Some candy, their favorite beverage, and lunch at their favorite restaurant go a long way. 


6. Loneliness Surprise Gift Box

Think of a time you felt lonely. Wouldn't thoughtful, custom gifts mean the world to you? If you answered yes, then you are in agreement with many people. 

What Makes Them Great

When a person is experiencing loneliness, sometimes there's nothing you can do to make that feeling go away completely. However, you can offer them a thoughtful distraction while they get through it. 

Types of Occasions

Some people may experience periods of loneliness for no specific reason. Others may be experiencing empty nest syndrome or have had a former significant other move out. 

Alternatively, a new college student may be struggling to make friends and have moved far away from friends and family. A box full of the best-customized gift box ideas is a welcome gift. 

What to Include

A surprise gift box to combat loneliness is the perfect opportunity to use 'activity gifts.' These include customized gifts like activity coupons or gift cards. Offer to take the recipient to their favorite restaurant or a local event.

Getting them out of the house or joining them on a night in can be a special way to make them feel cared about and supported. For the night in, don't forget to bring snacks and wine (or other beverages of choice)!


7. Encouragement Gifts

Getting a little encouragement from someone you care about can help make a stressful or anxiety-inducing situation more manageable. Putting together your top custom gift ideas can make all the difference for someone.

What Makes Them Great

Tough decisions or big changes are intimidating. Receiving some moral support is a terrific confidence booster. Plus, the unexpected gift will help boost their happiness hormone levels and put a smile on their face. 

Types of Occasions

Friends and family members may need a little extra bit of encouragement in situations involving big decisions. These include deciding which college to attend, which job to take, or whether to make a move across the country.

A surprise gift box may be a welcome sight when someone has received a rejection letter or was passed over for a promotion. An encouragement gift box shows them you believe in them. 

What to Include

An encouragement surprise gift box is an opportunity to lift someone's spirits and make them feel like they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. While asking one gift box to say this is asking a lot, it's not impossible if you put some thought into it.

Learning someone's love languages is one way to learn how best to encourage them. Love languages aren't just for romantic partners, and they can be great for friendships. 

For example, someone who appreciates words of affirmation may enjoy a nice card, inspirational poster, and a coffee mug with words of positivity. You can have fun with this, but be sure to focus on the recipient's personal preferences.


Treat Your Loved Ones To a Surprise Gift Box

Finding any excuse to gift your loved ones a surprise gift box can help build your relationship with them. Since these custom gifts are a just-because present, they will mean even more to the gift recipient.

Choose your surprise gift from our selection of pre-made or customized gift boxes.