Many people struggle with choosing the right gift. You want to make sure it matches their personality, makes them happy, is something they like, and is something that they will appreciate. One way to make this job a little bit easier on yourself is to buy a gift box.

Gift boxes are still an extremely popular gift for women! So whether you want to send one just because, or you have a specific holiday coming up. You don't want to overlook the simplicity and uniqueness of this gift idea for her.

Are you trying to figure out what sort of gift box you should send to that remarkable woman in your life? If you're looking for gift boxes for a girlfriend or personalized gift ideas, there are so many options to choose from out there.

Luckily, we've narrowed it down for you! Keep reading to find our top 5 picks for ideas to create gift boxes for women this year.

1. Deluxe Spa Gift Box

Deluxe Spa Gift Box

A deluxe spa gift box can be a luxurious gift box for a special someone in your life. Things like candles, bath bombs, lotions, body washes, and more can go into this gift box. Anything that can lead to a comfortable, relaxing time in the tub or the bathroom could be included in this type of gift box.

If you know someone in your life that loves beauty products, you may want to think about adding some face masks or serums to this box as well. You can really glam it up with nice products that the woman you plan to give it to may not ever buy for herself in regular life.

Who Would Like It?

Most women, such as your mother, sister, or wife, would enjoy this type of gift box because it comes with the things they need to pamper themselves. If you know someone that wants to get into skincare or wants more opportunities to relax on their own, this could be a good gift box idea for them.

Best Occasions for This Gift

You could give this gift box on a birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or Christmas if you want to make it themed. Otherwise, this is really an appropriate gift box for any time of year!

2. Crafty Gift Box

Crafty Gift Box

If you have a crafty woman that loves to make things in your life, a crafty gift box may be the perfect thing you could get her. You could include ideas for projects with instructions, materials, and even the tools required so that she can make artwork or something fun to use at home.

Do you know of something specific that she has always wanted to make but has never been able to? That would be a great idea for something to include!

Instead of doing a specific project, you could always have paints, brushes, stencils, knitting or sewing equipment, and more in this gift box for women to have a more general gift. That way, the recipient can decide to make whatever she wants with what you've given her.

Who Would Like It?

Any woman that enjoys arts and crafts or creating things with the use of materials and tools is going to enjoy this. Granted, that's not something that all women will have as a hobby, so this is where you really need to know your recipient.

You also want to be sure that anything you include in the gift box to actually create is something that the woman you're gifting it to would use or need.

Best Occasions for This Gift

This gift box could be given at any time of year, but since it is such a specific type of gift, one of the major gift-giving holidays would likely be most appropriate. You could consider giving a crafty gift box on a birthday or Christmas, for instance, as the recipient's main gift from you.

3. Self-Care Gift Box


Unlike the deluxe spa gift box idea, this gift box for women would include more than items to simply pamper or relax. It also focuses on general wellness and making sure that the recipient has some things to help calm down or destress in times of need.

Some examples of items for this box include:

  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Relaxation tea bags
  • Dark chocolate
  • Inspirational bracelets or rings
  • Fluffy socks
  • A good book for pleasure reading

Think about the woman you plan to give this to likes and try to incorporate that into the box as much as possible. You can get a little more creative with this if you want to add some humorous elements or elements that are a little more personalized.

Who Would Like It?

Gift box ideas that appeal to everyone might seem challenging to find, but most people will appreciate the thought that you care enough to make sure they are taking care of themselves! This gift box is great for your mother, sister, friend, wife, girlfriend, or any other woman that needs a little "pick-me-up."

Best Occasions for This Gift

Because the end of the year can be stressful for people, this would be a great gift to give any time during or before those major holidays. You could even gift this as a Thanksgiving present to show the recipient you're so thankful to have them in your life.

Alternatively, this is a good gift box after a major life event, such as the birth of a baby or getting a big promotion.

4. Random Goodies Gift Box

Random Goodies Gift Box

This may sound a little silly, but if you don't want to have a gift box that is completely themed around one idea, you really don't have to do that! You might have women in your life who like or need many different types of things, so why not make a gift box that meets those expectations?

If you're looking for unique gift boxes for women, nothing is more special than a box like this.

A random goodies gift box can include pieces that we've already discussed or something entirely different. You can also add in some home goods, like fancy mugs or artwork, or you can include more niche items, like collectibles, houseplants, or board games.

Who Would Like It?

This is one of those gift box ideas that would work for almost any type of woman in your life.

As long as you know the person well enough to come up with things they would enjoy receiving, anyone can give this gift to anyone else! Consider choosing a friend, girlfriend, wife, or sister for this type of gift box.

Best Occasions for This Gift

For a gift box full of random things that the recipient will enjoy, it's probably best to gift this during a gift-giving holiday.

Christmas or a birthday is likely most appropriate, but if you have another opportunity to give this, don't be afraid to try it out! The woman in your life that receives it will be thankful for the gift year-round.

5. Coffee Lover Gift Box

Do you know someone in your life that is a coffee addict? If so, this is the perfect idea for a gift box she will love!

Add in some fancy coffee beans, a new coffee grinder, some sugar or cream, and a new mug. You could also add in some extra things, like pastries to eat with the coffee or even some coffee-themed items, like puzzles or wall art.

Who Would Like It?

Anyone who likes coffee will enjoy getting a gift box filled with coffee-related things, so consider giving this to your mother, sister, friend, coworker, girlfriend, or wife as a gift. Before you choose this option, however, make sure that you know that person drinks coffee on a regular basis!

Best Occasions for This Gift

Since the winter months can be so cold and stressful for people, it may be a good idea to gift this hot drink to your loved one during the colder holidays.

Otherwise, you could also gift this at any time of year for any reason at all! People drink coffee throughout the year, so this gift box is always a good gift.

Choosing the Best Gift Boxes for Women

As you can see, there are many options if you're looking for gift boxes for women because every woman is different. Whether you're looking for something more makeup-oriented, more tech-related, or more relaxing, you're able to find or create these various types of boxes to send to your loved one.

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