Looking for gift box ideas for mom? Whether it be Mother’s Day, her birthday, Christmas, or just because. Many people know that gift boxes are a blank canvas onto which they can paint whatever picture they want. A personalized gift box can really make the present special, whether you are giving a holiday gift to your mother, Christmas, Mothers Day, or just because.

The great thing about personalizing gift boxes is that it engages all of your senses. Mom gets to feel the paper and read what you have written, see something that reminds them of you, and sometimes hear your voice, if you record a message!

Gift boxes are a great way to make presents look breathtaking, but if you want to add a special touch there are many different ways you can do this. Here are 5 ideas for gift box ideas for mom:

Mom On The Go Gift Box Ideas

For the mom that's always on the go and never has time to sit still, these cute gift ideas will help you find the perfect presents for her gift box.

For moms who like to stay active and enjoy working out at home or going to the gym, gift cards are always a popular option. They can get what they need and have no trouble finding something they like. This is also an affordable option for kids and teens because it's not too expensive, but allows them to feel like they're giving their mom something special.

If she loves to garden or go camping or enjoys spending time with her grandkids, it might be nice to send her on a little excursion (and paying for it might be cheaper than buying her the "perfect" gift). And don't forget all the other great things that moms like: flowers, candy and maybe even some new clothes! All of these are great ideas for a last-minute Mother's Day

Throw in a reusable water bottle. A reusable water bottle is another good gift idea for moms who are always on the go. They can fill it up with water before working out or going for a run so that they're hydrated during their workout or run. It's extremely convenient because it eliminates the need to buy bottled water or stop at different places when running errands.

If she loves to garden or go camping or enjoys spending time with her grandkids, it might be nice to send her on a little excursion (and paying for it will be cheaper than buying her the "perfect" gift). And don't forget all the other great things that moms like: flowers, candy and maybe even some new clothes! All of these are great ideas for a last-minute Mother's Day present. But if you have a little more time to plan ahead, here are a few more ideas that could make your mom's special day even better.

Gift Box For Her Hobbies

If you take the time to think about her hobbies and interests, you'll be able to come up with a gift that Mom will enjoy. It's all about putting some thought into your gift selection, rather than grabbing the first item that comes to mind.

And while we're on this topic, let's touch on something else. Your mom probably loves you and appreciates any gift you give her -- even if it's not one of those ultra-special gifts. So don't feel like you have to go overboard just to prove how much you love her. She'll know that anyway!

But we want to stress this point: don't make the mistake of buying just any gift for your mom. Make sure it's something that she wants or needs, and something that she'll love and use. For example, if she loves gardening, get her a few seeds for plants she doesn't already have. A great way to ensure that your mom is going to appreciate your gift is to find a unique idea that only you would think of. Is she a scrapbooker? Give her supplies along with photos and memories of the past.

Spa Day Gift Box

If your mom is always on the go, a day at the spa might be a great gift idea for her. Make it solo, or a couple’s experience, and pack a gift box with gift certificates for her favorite spa, a handwritten note, and make arrangements to cover her responsibilities so she can relax in luxury while getting a massage, pedicure, facial and more. Next, she can enjoy a nice nap before heading back to reality.

Favorite Flower Gift Box

Favorite Flower Gift Box Ideas

Design a gift box around her favorite flower! This is always a hit and an unexpected gift box for mom. The most important thing is to make the gift box look nice and be creative. If you want to make the gift box for your mom very special, you can add a lovely poem or quote about mother's day. It will be more beautiful if you use some of her favorite flowers in the gift box. You can also put a picture of both of you on it.

Think about her needs and put something useful inside your gift box. You can put anything like a Coffee table book with her favorite flower,  Flower shaped jewelry, food, or decoration inside your gift box. Think about what she likes and go on a little adventure to find items that fit that favorite flower theme to create the perfect custom gift box for mom.

Don't forget to use different color ribbons and make it look gorgeous! It will definitely be a lovely mother's day for your mom this year!

“Crank The Self Care” Gift Box

We’ll admit that I'm totally biased here because our mothers are the best but she really deserves this. It's a little-known fact that women often make plans to do something nice for their mothers and then get too busy or just forget to do it.

Let's change that right now! You don't have to be her only child, but you can be her favorite if you want! So, let's get started with these gift boxes for mom and crank up her self care:

Purple Canyon Bath Bombs, Moisturizing Gloves, Candles, Body Butter, or maybe even romance novel. Pair all these with a bath caddy, and she’ll melt away into a world of relaxation, and self-love.

Your mom doesn't just deserve a homemade gift…she deserves a homemade spa day! She'll love this!

Nostalgic Gift Box For Mom

Any mom will appreciate a homemade gift, especially if you have the time to make it yourself. If you have all day to spend in the kitchen, then you can create something more impressive. If not, try these cute, easy, and fast-to-make gifts.

Nostalig Gift Box

Make a greeting card with your own picture on the cover and fill it with a festive holiday message. Write a letter to your mother about what you appreciate about her and what she has taught you. Include photographs that capture memorable moments between the two of you. A few years ago, I made such a book for my mom's birthday and she still treasures it as one of her most cherished possessions.

Make a photo album by gluing or taping pictures of the two of you together on cardboard or poster board. Paste them up in chronological order. You might include tickets from your first date together or photos of a school play in which you both appeared or newspaper clippings about any accomplishments or awards she may have received in her life.

A scrapbook filled with old letters, postcards, and other memorabilia is another great idea. Affix them together with paper clips, staples, or glue while inserting blank sheets of paper for new items to be inserted later on.

Wine not make a wine-themed gift box?

Is your mother a wine nut? No shame here, we are too!, let her know how much you appreciate her with a gift box that she will surely love and one that will really bring out the warmth in her eyes.

An easy gift idea for mom is always wine accessories, like wine stoppers, corkscrews, and wine glasses made from high-quality material. They are just perfect for wine lovers who want to enjoy their favorite drink in the evening.

Decanters are also good wine accessories. It will help preserve the taste of the wine longer while making it look more attractive at the same time. Present this box along with her favorite vintage, and you can’t go wrong.


At the end of the day, this is Mom we’re talking about. She gave her all for us, and now it’s time to give back a little something to show our gratitude. Whether this is a  Mother’s day gift box, a Christmas Gift Box, or just something to let her know you love her and care. Make it a gift box she’ll treasure for all time. Because she’s worth it.

Have a little bit of creative block? Try thinking about how she gives gifts, instead of how you give gifts. Often times a person expresses how they’d like to be treated through how they treat others. And as always, If you're looking for possibly the best-ever pre-made and custom gift boxes, then visit us at UpLily.com!