Birthdays are that one special day per year that belong entirely to those of us born on that day. It's the only day you get to call 100% yours and the perfect opportunity to shower your loved ones with affection and gifts.

Did you know that birthday gifting extends beyond that, though? Almost one-quarter of Americans buy themselves a gift too!

So what's that mean?

Well, you get a birthday box, I get a birthday box, everybody gets a birthday box! Gifting doesn't have to bring on stress and gift-giving headaches. Keep reading for the best birthday gift box ideas.

The Beauty Of a Birthday Gift Box

Birthday gift ideas can be a super fun way for you to express affection and spoil those you love. It means you don't have to settle for a boring pair of socks or yet another work tie.

The beauty of a birthday gift box means you can get creative with what goes inside, and you can really make it into something made with the receiver in mind!

1. Foodie Birthday Gift Box

Foodie Birthday Gift Box

Everyone has that someone in their life that absolutely "lives to eat" and doesn't eat to live. We've got that friend who is absolutely obsessed with cheese or one that can't live without their sweet treats.

You could make up a birthday gift box of all their favorite treats!

Fill it with everything you know they love to snack on and give them the gift of a secret stash of snacking goodies!

2. Custom Glass Gift Box

Does the birthday boy love a glass of whiskey at night? Or maybe it's a glass of his favorite red wine at dinner that makes him happy?

You can order a custom gift box with matching glasses inside personalized just for their drinking pleasure. There's no end to how you can do it, engrave the box or have the glassware sandblasted.

3. Cognac And Cigars

Cognac And Cigars Unique Birthday Gift Box Ideas

If it's not wine or whiskey that floats their boat, then perhaps looking at a personalized box of cognac and cigars might bring a smile to their face.

You can complete this birthday gift box with a cigar cutter, zippo lighter, and personalized glasses. You can combine this gift with an experience for the evening and have a private cigar and cognac tasting session!

Host the evening, and then hand over the cool cigar box as a parting gift at the end of it all, give them something to remember the experience by.

4. Grill And Barbecue Set

Every single time you see your father or your friend, he's standing at the grill flipping burgers or tanning steaks. In fact, you can't imagine this person without picturing a barbecue in the background!

Why not consider a personalized barbecue and grill set? Get the birthday person an ultimate collection of grill utensils with initials engraved onto them. Consider adding in a grilling recipe book and top it off with the most incredible luxury box to store them in.

If he's a true grillmaster, he may even take the box to bed with him because he just loves it so much!

5. Pamper Them Pretty

Pamper Unique Birthday Gift Box Ideas

Man or woman, most of us love a good pamper and relaxation session. This can be anything from manicures and pedicures to a rejuvenating facial or even a foot scrub.

Putting together a pamper box is one of our unique birthday gift ideas. Make it memorable for the person you're giving it to by selecting scents or fragrances you know that they like. Special creams or exfoliators that are made by their favorite brand are always a good idea.

The box itself can be finished off with a luxury sponge and facecloth, even embroidered, to just tie up the whole package!

6. Back To Your Childhood

Childhood Unique Birthday Gift Box Ideas

If the birthday person is someone you've known for a long, long time, like playing in the streets and going to school athletics meets together, then this birthday gift box could be the best idea yet!

When you were children, what were your favorite things to do? Put those things inside the box. Find your favorite childhood board game or card game and put that in the box.

Add in your favorite childhood snacks, or even buy tickets to a place you used to visit together, a trip down memory lane!

Now create the ultimate 'Good Old Days' birthday gift box for them and have them feeling nostalgic and grateful all at the same time.

7. Get Crafty Birthday Box

Get Crafty Birthday Box

We all have that somebody who is always making things! They might be into scrapbooking or candlemaking or photography, or any number of arty activities.

The birthday gift box you put together could be made up of everything that can keep the birthday person happy and entertained.

Scrapbooking boxes could be filled to the brim with patterned paper, wooden sticks, different colored ribbons, crafty scissors, and anything else you can think of.

Whatever arts and crafts blow their hair back, fill the birthday box with anything and everything to do with that! We guarantee that they'll be super excited to dig and start creating.

8. Cake Making Or Baking Birthday Box

Baking Unique Birthday Gift Box Ideas

Okay, so the birthday person might not want to spend time making their own birthday celebration cake. Still, this person certainly loves spending their free time making and whisking and frosting to their heart's content!

This is one of our birthday gift ideas: how about a special baking gift box made just for them?

Filled with everything that someone needs to make special cakes and cupcakes, cookies and biscuits, or any combination of specially baked treats. Add in different flours, food colorants, icing, and decorations that are iconic to their personality.

If they love star wars, then try and find edible figurines that you can add to the box to make it truly one of a kind, and that goes for anything really that is close to their heart!

9. For The Love Of Coffee

For most of us, a day can't even get started without a steaming cup of beautiful, brown caffeinated liquid in our hands. But then you get those people who absolutely live and die for trying new flavors of coffee.

This person is the one who’s tried every pod on the shelf. They’ve owned three different machines since you've known them, and their coffee mug collection is more extensive than the number of socks you own.

This birthday box can be filled with all things coffee! From a luxury bag of coffee beans, to coffee-flavored candy, to a gift voucher to their favorite coffee shop down the road.

Don't forget to add in those little biscuits for all their caffeine-dipping desires!

10. The Culturally-Inspired Gift Box

So, your friend grew up in a semi-Italian household. Maybe your mother always talks about her Portuguese grandmother, who used to make the best Portuguese custard tarts.

Now's the time for you to shine! Show that you've been listening to all those tragic, nostalgic stories and put together a birthday gift box inspired by their family roots. Do some research into traditional dishes from their family heritage, put recipe instructions inside the box along with your carefully sourced ingredients.

Watch the magic happen as the recipient realizes just how much thought went into this box!

Bonus Gift Box Idea: The Travel Box

Here's our bonus birthday box idea: you may not be able to afford those tickets for your loved one to Paris, but maybe you can think of bringing Paris to them?

Where is the birthday boy or girl's dream travel destination?

Whether it be Moscow in Russia, The Kruger National Park in South Africa, or even somewhere closer to home.

You can find inspiration through fridge magnets, personalized notebooks, a photo travel guide of the chosen destination. Everything you can get your hands on to make the box an almost "complete experience" of the place they want to visit most.

This can even extend to snacks or food or drink items native to the place in question! Add in a croissant if the destination is Paris.

Whisk them away with the gift of escaping in a little birthday box!

Making A Birthday Special

While you're concentrating on creating your birthday gift box and how to make it the best one, remember that it's all about the person that you'll be gifting it to.

If you really put your heart into the items that you've sourced, then the box will show how thoughtful you've been to create something that they would absolutely love.

Whoever this person is to you, think of them as you build the box, and it will make their day.

If you're looking for possibly the best-ever custom gift boxes, then visit this page!